Advisory Notice - July 2018

State of Louisiana

Department of Public Safety and Corrections Public Safety Services

July 13, 2018


TO: All Louisiana Licensed Casinos, Operators and Video Poker Establishments

FROM: Gaming Enforcement Division

RE: Casino & Video Poker Usage of the Louisiana Digitized Driver’s License (LA-Wallet)

Act 625 of the 2016 Louisiana Legislative Regular Session amended LRS 32:411, which requires a person to have a driver’s license in their immediate possession while operating a motor vehicle. This amended statute and subsequent rules now includes a DPS approved downloaded “Digitized Driver’s License” as an acceptable means of identification while operating a motor vehicle.

However, in connection with requests for identification not associated with traffic stops or traffic checkpoints in Louisiana, a person may be required to produce a physical driver's license to a law enforcement officer, a representative of a state or federal department or agency, or a private entity when so requested and be subject to all the applicable laws and consequences for failure to produce such license.

The Division advises that Louisiana licensed casinos, operators and video poker licensed establishments may accept the DPS approved Digitized Driver’s License as an acceptable form of Identification. Due to the emphasis the state places on keeping underage individuals out of casinos and video poker establishments, the casinos investment in identification card verification systems, and the IRS/LDR gaming tax identification requirements, the Division is not mandating the acceptance of the Digitized Driver’s License in Louisiana casinos or video poker establishments at this time.

“An Equal Opportunity Employer”

DPSSP 4117