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why lvga

The LVGA has a political presence at the capital and defends our issues in front of the legislature. With the 2017 fiscal session around the corner, gaming taxes will continue to be an issue. We are also carefully monitoring the smoking ban in casinos. With these legislative threats, it is more critical now than ever that you stay involved. LVGA represents 35% of 3 machine locations and 36% of truckstops in Louisiana. 

The LVGA retains the best gaming lobbyist in the state throughout the year to monitor your interest.

In addition, LVGA engaged in a strategic planning meeting, where the organization created an action plan to advance LVGA. The board felt it was imperative to change the dues structure. The new dues structure provides funding for the LVGA to grow and prosper. In addition, it sets the PAC and the association up for political success. As part of LVGA strategic planning action plan, the Legislative committee is now tasked with approving and managing the PAC budget.

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