Annual Convention

2021 LVGA "Virtual Convention" for September 21st-22nd Cancelled

As we find ourselves and our state in another crisis mode, we deem it necessary
to once again, postpone our LVGA Convention (virtual), which was set for
September 21-22.  
As you all know, there is too much unknown at this time.  Until we get a better
handle on who has regained power, who is operational, and who is available
to participate in our event, it will be difficult to plan and organize an agenda.
Also, LA. State Police will not be available for a while, as they deal with the
aftermath of Hurricane Ida.
We have determined it will be best to host our Hybrid Convention (both in-person
and virtual) in the Spring of 2022.  All Sponsors and Exhibitors fees will be applied
to that event (anticipate a March date TBA).
In the meantime, we will use our virtual platform to host a series of monthly Town
Halls, beginning in October.  We will use this platform to give you updates on
issues affecting video poker, like OTB's and Bingo, which have recently developed.
We are very much on top of these issues and prepared to let our video poker device owners
know what is transpiring and what they need to know.  We will also use these
Town Halls to have LSP give updates on the Central System, TITO, and anything else
As soon as we have the October date, you will be notified of such.  Stay safe and stay
tuned for further notice.


FROM:        Stan Guidroz, President

RE:            LVGA Annual Convention

Due to the rapid rise in the Covid virus and Delta variant outbreaks,

we have made the decision to cancel the "in-person" Convention

scheduled for September 21-22, 2021 at L'Auberge Casino in Baton


However, we will be hosting a Virtual Convention, in which you will

be able to participate, sponsor, exhibit, hear speakers and watch


Since this is a very new development, we are working on the details

for the Virtual Convention, and will be in touch soon to share the

dynamics of your participation in this new generation of sharing,

advertising, and learning.

As we all strive to keep up with these rapidly changing times, we

are excited and ready to bring as much information to you as

possible in a safe and user friendly environment, where everyone

can continue to benefit and enjoy themselves, as well.

Please be patient as we continue to plan and develop our Virtual

Convention.  You will receive information and instructions on how

to proceed.  Please reserve these same dates on your calendar;

the revised Agenda for the Virtual Convention will be out soon.

In the meantime, you may want to cancel any hotel reservations

you have made.  Additionally, if you have purchased meal tickets,

you will receive a refund.  We  ask that Sponsors and Exhibitors

wait for the Virtual Convention details, before making a decision

on participation.

Also, keep in mind, we plan to continue hosting our regular

"in-person" Annual Convention in 2022.  If you do not choose

to participate in this Virtual Convention, your fee can be rolled

over to 2022.

Thank you for your interest, participation, patience, and understanding.