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Please select the appropriate member type you wish to join as. According to LVGA's bylaws, the first year's dues of new members joining LVGA at the time other than the first of the year shall be prorated according to the following schedule:
Members Join During Proration Schedule
January, February or March Full Annual Dues Payable
April, May or June 3/4 Annual Dues Payable
July, August or September 1/2 Annual Dues Payable
October, November or December 1/4 Annual Dues Payable


ATTN DEVICE OWNERS: You must pay regular and PAC membership dues if you are a device owner. This applies to regular and amusement & music operator memberships.

Please remit a separate check to:
FAIR PAC, 218 Laurel St., Baton Rouge, La. 70801

Regular Members: $150  x _________ number of truck stops = $____________
Regular Members: $25 x _________ number of 3-machine locations = $________
Amusement & Music Operator Members: $250.00

Membership Type Details  
Membership Options
Type Organization Record
Description An amusement and music operator member must be a proprietorship, partnership, firm, corporation or other business entity whose primary business activity is the operation of coin operated music and/or amusement machines. A&MO membership dues are $250.00 annually and Political Action Committee (PAC) dues are $250.00 annually. A&MO members must pay both membership and PAC dues. 
Membership Cost $250.00
Membership Length 12 month(s)
Membership term effective through: 1/1/2020 Total $250.00
Online Directory 0 online directory categories are included with the membership.
Additional Contacts
Affiliates 30 affiliate level contacts are included with the membership.
Representatives 30 representative level contacts are included with the membership.
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