Video Poker Updates

In the midst of dealing with the Gaming Control Board, State Police, and the Governor's office on issues about reopening, we had a very successful day for the video poker industry at the Capitol. 
Today, we were able to pass two bills out of the House. 
We would like to extend a debt of gratitude to Representative John Stefanski for carrying and helping to pass a bill which will allow truck stops to make repairs, maintenance or renovations to restaurants and other amenities without having to close the casino side of the truck stop. This bill will also place truck stop amenities in force majeure for the next year due to COVID-19. 
Additionally, we would like to thank Representative Sherman Mack for his assistance in passing his bill which would allow certain truck stops to apply to the Gaming Control Board for a waiver of fuel sales requirements due to certain circumstances. 
We now move to the Senate and will keep you updated as these bills progress


We have been in constant contact with State Police, Gaming Control Board, the Attorney General's Office, and the Governor's Office concerning the quarterly franchise fee currently being assessed among several other concerns. 
We have made the case that while the machines are down we should not be paying this fee and all parties have agreed that is fair. 
The question from a legal standpoint is "what can be done and how to do it?" The assessed franchise fees are in State Statute which falls under the Legislatures purview. With the Legislature being temporarily adjourned due to the spread of the virus, the Attorney General is looking into the legal options available to us. 
We will keep you abreast of developments on this issues and other matters as information becomes available. 

------------------------------------------------------------ Poker Order.pdf


State of Louisiana
Department of Public Safety and Corrections
Public Safety Services

March 16, 2020


TOAll Louisiana licensed Video Poker Establishments
FROMGaming Enforcement Division
RE(COVID-19 Pandemic)

In an effort to protect the health and wellbeing of your employees and guest, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board has prepared a formal order directing the closure of the gaming operations at all licensed establishments in the state. The closure will be for a period of 14 days, subject to extension, effective midnight tonight. At this time, the ordered closure will affect the game room only.

We are going to change the implementation of the “Hours of Operation” feature to shut down the entire state at Midnight Tonight March 16, 2020. Then, on tomorrow morning, after the end of the day report has been completed, front-end communications will be deactivated.

For further information in reference to the closure of the truck stop game rooms contact Sgt. Michael Linn. For information concerning other licensed establishments call the local field offices.


POSTPONED - New Date to be determined
Central System Video Presentation by LA. State Police

On _____________, LVGA will post a  video of Louisiana State Police demonstrating and presenting information on the Central System, which they would have presented at our Trade Show. This video will be available on our LVGA website for all LVGA Members only to view, beginning on ________.  Once you go to our Website, you will simply log in, click on the Members Only tab, then click on the Central System Video link.

We are asking everyone to send in any questions you need to have answered 
in the presentation video.  We will make certain those particular issues are addressed in the video.  Just to be clear, you can submit your questions to our email, which is, or fax to our office at 225-344-1172, or call our office at 225-508-4771 and leave your questions on the machine.

We want LSP to address as much detail and information as you need, so

please get these questions to us, as previously stated.