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The Video Gaming Indstury in Louisiana supports over over 1,000 bars, 500 restaurants, and 200 truck stop casinos across Louisiana. 

The LVGA is the voice of the video gaming industry in Louisiana with an active presence at the Louisiana State Capitol and in every branch of State Government. We take an active role in the legislative process supporting legislation that benefits business owners across the video gaming industry. We have been extreemely successful in our efforts at the State Capitol and beyond due to the support of our members and our lobbying team workig with individual legislators, but we can always improve! 

With your help, the voice of the video poker industry will only grow louder! 

Please join us in reaching out to your legislators to encourage them to support efforts that we make to benefit your businesses at the Louisiana State Capitol. 

Take action on future Legislation HERE to protect your business! 

Thank you for your help! 






This year, the Louisiana Legislature is considering a bill that would legalize fantasy sports in Louisiana. The bill proposed by Representative Talbot, HB 459, seeks to legalize internet based fantasy sports betting. 

Internet based sports betting companies are out-of-state companies who DO NOT employe Louisiana residents, DO NOT own property in Louisiana and DO NOT contribute to Louisiana's economy. 

By restricting fantasy sports betting to Louisiana establishments with a 21 year age requirement to enter, thousands of bars, hundreds of truck stops, and many other Louisiana based businesses will benefit by attracting new customers who go there to place their bets resulting in an increase in patronage and business. 

Additionally, limiting fantasy sports betting to establishments with a 21 year age requirement to enter will help to combat underage gaming which cannot be accomplished through the use of internet and mobile fantasy sports betting. 

Keeping fantasy sports betting in establishment only is a WIN for Louisiana businesses, a WIN for Louisiana employees, and a WIN For Louisiana! 

Help us to keep fantasy sports betting IN ESTABLISHMENT ONLY! 

Visit the official campaign page and TAKE ACTION with the link below!