member benefits

  • Legislative Representation
  • Industry Communication
  • Professional Development
  • Networking
  • Administrative Services
  • Store Discount Purchasing Card

why lvga

The LVGA has a political presence at the Capitol and defends our issues in front of the Legislature.  We are serving as a member of the Gaming Task Force responsible for guidance in reopening and monitoring our industry through this COVID-19 pandemic. LVGA represents 40% of all truck stop and 3 machine locations in Louisiana. 

As an Association, the LVGA retains a professional association management team, as well as a public relations firm.  Advanced Strategies, Inc. of Baton Rouge provides legislative guidance and communication throughout the year.

The LVGA also hosts an Annual Convention and regular board meetings each year, which allows industry leaders, regulators, and strategic partners to share information regarding potential opportunities and threats to our businesses.  You should want to be a part of this!

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